Full Belly Full Hearts
The “Full Belly, Full Hearts” campaign concept came alive one day after a sleepless night thinking about what Charleston Hospitality Group could do help make a difference during the Covid-19 health crisis. At a time when others were having to close their doors, we found a way to keep ours open to the people most affected by this. In partnership with our food supplier, we created a means by which hospitality workers affected by the crisis, their families, overworked healthcare providers, and first responders can come get a free meal Monday - Sunday between 8 AM – 8 PM at any of our four Toast Locations.

Every day I wake up grateful to be making a difference by providing something as simple as a homemade meal. I continue to urge other restauranteurs across America to join us in this effort. We know that together we can help millions of our valued employees along with our healthcare heroes working to save lives every single day.

Sam Mustafa, SEO, Charleston Hospitality Group

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